Monday, December 15, 2008

King Tutankamen

King Tutankamen or King Tut was one of the youngest pharaohs to take the throne. Guess how old he was when he toke over Egypt. Ok I'll tell you, he was 9 years old. He died at a very young age at 19. No one knows how he died, some say murder or he died of diesese. People searched for a long time to find his grave but it was found in the Valley of the Kings. The valley of the kings is a secret burial place instead of the pyramids. Theives would steal from the pyramids. It was the early 1900s when they did. He was buried with roomfuls of valuebles. There was a curse to his tomb. It was whoever entered his tomb would be curse.

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  1. Well I guess sense everyone knows about the secret burial place, valley of the kings, its not so secret anymore! haha! I wonder if the curse is real?