Monday, December 15, 2008

The Process of Becoming a Pharaoh

The next king was usually the son or daughter of the previous king. If you were the oldest you were first in line to take over. He took the throne, inheratints and of course Egypt. When the old king died the next one held the funeral and had his corination.

The Pharaohs Duties

The pharaohs job was to control Egypt. That's a big job so he had people to do stuff for him. His main jobs were to fix irrigation canals, punishment and govern Egypt. He was invloved in the court system with other big people to keep order in Egypt.

Fashion of the Pharaohs

Clothes, jewelry and makeup was esential in a pharaohs look. Today only women wear makeup but in Egypt it was totally different. Everyone wore makeup including men. But i'm just going to talk about the pharaohs. They had 6 different headdresses but the most famous one is the Nemes. It was gold with blue stripes. Pharaohs were usually buried with this head piece. I think this fact is creepy, they wore a false beard.

King Tutankamen

King Tutankamen or King Tut was one of the youngest pharaohs to take the throne. Guess how old he was when he toke over Egypt. Ok I'll tell you, he was 9 years old. He died at a very young age at 19. No one knows how he died, some say murder or he died of diesese. People searched for a long time to find his grave but it was found in the Valley of the Kings. The valley of the kings is a secret burial place instead of the pyramids. Theives would steal from the pyramids. It was the early 1900s when they did. He was buried with roomfuls of valuebles. There was a curse to his tomb. It was whoever entered his tomb would be curse.

The Making of the Great Pyramid in Giza and who made it

We all know about the great pyramids in Giza but most don't know who built them. The great pyramid was drawn out by Pharaoh Khufu. Khufu was of pharaoh of the fourth dynasaty. He ruled from 2589 b.c. to 2566 b.c. His Greek name was Cheops. He had a total of 13 kids. His father's name was Sneferu. Mom was Hetepheres I. Now you know a little bit more about Pharaoh Khufu.